Alice Soon

My Literary Life & other obsessions…


View from Hemingway’s Writing Tower

I’m a writer of literary fiction, historical fiction, & women’s fiction.

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my family immigrated to Canada where I told my 4th grade teacher that I would like to be an AUTHOR when I grew up.  I then spent the summer months during elementary and high school composing stories, illustrating them, and yes, even penning handwritten full-length X-FILES fan fiction novels using actual pencil (not the mechanical kind) and blue-lined paper.  I also had a strange fascination with serial killer and murder mystery books.

My ambitions then took a slight detour when I decided to pursue a commerce degree at a competitive business school and was relegated to taking random English courses as my ‘unofficial’ minor. (BBA students were not allowed to minor in anything else besides business management.)  So in between tearing my hair out trying to maximize economic models, analyze accounting case studies, and create marketing plans, I was also being introduced to writers like Kazuo Ishiguro, Paul Auster, and Wilkie Collins.

Today, I work in the real estate industry, but have also held such diverse roles as personal trainer, software sales executive, fitness manager, and retail sales associate.

Besides writing and reading obsessively, I also adore musical theatre, mixed martial arts (UFC), singing opera, badly dancing ballet, and anything fitness related.  Oh, and I’m also a vegetarian who doesn’t drink or smoke. (No meat, alcohol, or tobacco needed to have fun.)

I currently live in Toronto in a wonderful house with a nice backyard and am also a proud owner of a lovely piece of land in Tambor, Costa Rica (pictured above). Ergo, I will be learning to speak and read in Spanish (and French) very badly one day.


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