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Who I READ when I need inspiration

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Some days, when I’m knocking my head trying to figure out how to best phrase a complex situation or difficult emotion, I find myself reaching for books of the authors I admire most.

So who do I turn to when I need some inspiration, some guidance, a benchmark of excellence?

Usually this guy:

Colm Toibin

Colm Toibin

Or this guy:

Timothy Findley

Timothy Findley

Or my fav gals:

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton

Or this gal:

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison

It doesn’t get any better than these stellar craft-makers.  The bottom line is – I need language.  I need words & phrases so beautifully crafted, I ache at the sight of them.  Sentences so melodic and stunning, they deserve reverence.  Most importantly  – they are TRUE.

I am not interested in fantastical or sentimental ideas, I am only concerned with truth & art.

Others I also like: John Banville (if you want to increase your vocabulary, pick up one of his books, it will send you reaching for the dictionary for sure)! And Michael Cunningham’s “The Hours”.

My stats: Nearly 25,000 words into my first draft of Novel #2 and 17 books read so far this year.  (Finishing “The Feast of the Goat” by Mario Vargas Llosa.)

Happy Writing! 🙂





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