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My Required Reading for 2013

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So, for the New Year, I’ve decided to change my reading strategy.  Over the past 2 years, I have been really pushing myself to read a lot of books – 51 books in 2011 and 53 books in 2012.  However, this can get a bit challenging when you mainly like classics and literary fiction.  (I throw in the random commerical fiction every once in a while to see what’s popular/selling/current…)

I found as my goal number increased and I was rushing to fulfill my “quota”, I was beginning to neglect much longer and often more difficult books in order to make it to the finish line.

That being said, I love the challenge of pushing myself and have been pretty satisfied with the types of books I’ve read so far.

So for 2013, I’ve decided to adapt a new mantra “Fewer, but better” and see where it takes me.

Here is my list of required reading for 2013.


My TBR Pile 2013


  • “Great Expectations” – Charles Dickens
  • “Portrait of a Lady” – Henry James
  •  “Feast of a Goat” – Mario Vargos Llosa
  •  1 E. M. Forster – “Passage to India” or “Room with a View”


  • “Kristin Lavransdatter” – Sigrid Undset
  • “To the Lighthouse” – Virginia Woolf
  •  “Anna Karenina” – Leo Tolstoy – DONE – Jan. 12th, 2013


  • Canadian Authors – At least 3 – Atwood, Findley, Lam, etc…
  • 1 other Russian – Quiet Flows the Don, The Master & Margarita, etc…
  • 1 Edith Wharton Book – Custom of the Century, The Glimpses of the Moon


  •  “The Chymical Wedding” – Lindsay Clarke
  • “My name is Red”- Orhan Pamuk
  •  1 more John Banville – “Shroud”
  • “Midnight’s Children” – Salman Rushdie
  • “North & South” – Elizabeth Gaskell

*OPTIONAL, If I can get to it…*

  • 1 Toni Morrison – “The Bluest Eye”
  • 1 Faulkner
  • 1 John Fowles
  • “Uncle Silas”?’ – Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • 1 Haruki Murakami

*Plus, a ton of new or previously undiscovered books!  🙂


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