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From time to time, I will like to update and rant about what’s currently on my bookshelf (typically dozens of titles, both self-owned and from the library, but I usually read 3-5 books simultaneously, as I’m certain I have some form of reading A.D.D.):

– Re-reading “Anna Karenina” – The last time I read it was I think in 2003-2004, so I figured with the new movie release, it was time to pick up the new translation and I’m loving it so far…About 1/2 way through…Tolstoy really is a master.

– Reading Man Booker Nominated “The Garden of the Evening Mists” by Tan Twan Eng, a fellow Malaysian.  Gotta support!

– Also, one of my favs, John Banville’s latest, “Ancient Light” (possibly the worst book cover in the world??? Hahaha…).  I gotta say I don’t love the subject matter, (like a revised Mrs. Robinson tale), but Banville is such an exceptional writer, I find I can’t turn away…I just want to keep reading because he writes so darn well! Here’s hoping his words will permeate my brain…

Over & Out,

Alice 🙂


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